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Cavendish & Harvey is a premium brand offering a candy range of sixteen varieties of filled and unfilled sweets and is characterized by the vast selection it produces from classic fruit drops through to the outlandish blend of ingredients. The drops are dusted with icing sugar, sealed for freshness and packed in gold tins. Also available within the range, are fruit candies and sweet hearts in decorative glass jars which make the ideal gift. Cavendish & Harvey is sold in over 60 countries worldwide and at M. Demajo & Co Ltd we are proud to represent the brand.



The Cavendish & Harvey Confectionery GmbH, celebrating their 75th anniversary in 2007, is a supplier of both hard and soft candy assortment with products being produced under own direction securing high standards, reliability and commitment. Founded in 1932 as Paul Schmedding KG, in Hamburg and expanding the domestic business with English Confectionery in 1959. Nearly two decades later the Cavendish & Harvey Ltd., in London was formed. The construction of a new factory in Kaltenkirchen started in 1984 and still the need of a larger factory was felt and built eleven years later. The merger with Winkelmann Nachf. SÜßwaren GmbH in 1999 and taken over by Dr. Wolfgang Boettger Group in 2002.

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