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Expanding its portfolio in the automotive sector, M. Demajo & Co Ltd has imported Fiamm Starter Batteries in Malta for the last 2 years. Fiamm in Malta is distributed in automotive centers and are very well known for quality and backup. M. Demajo & Co Ltd after sales service guarantees constant technical staff assistance. The company also imports Fiamm Marine, industrial and leisure batteries. It also offers back up battery power out solutions to the IT sector.



FIAMM Industrial Batteries encompasses over 60 years of experience and capability to supply backup energy solutions for diversified power applications. The Industrial Batteries are used to ensure continuous power. Born in 1942 in the land of Romeo and Juliet, its story began even earlier, when young engineer Giulio Dolcetta collaborated on the grand civil works of the Twenties and the electrification projects of the Thirties. These experiences allowed him to foresee the potential of Elettra, that was bought and transformed into FIAMM. The name of ‘Fabbrica Italiana Accumulatori Motocarri Montecchio’

Today a New Industrial Plan of great expansion results in the opening of new branches in the USA, the acquisition of numerous battery distributors throughout Europe and important investments in technology.


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