Godiva Chocolatier in Malta

Every year, M. Demajo & Co Ltd brings to you an unparalled luxury of richness and generosity in a treasure chest - Godiva's Ballotin in its signature gold packaging. With a unique recipe, nearly a century old, the excellence in Godiva is apparent. Godiva leaves nothing to detail, smoothness and super premium quality. The seasonal portfolio envelopes the finest in Godiva's product range : Lady Tin, Mint Twigs, Connoisseur and Coeur Selection.



Founded in Brussels in 1926, Godiva Chocolatier is a producer of lavish, premium chocolate owned by Turkish Yildiz Holding based in Istanbul since 2008: acquisition $850 million. The first Godiva Boutique was opened in Brussels at the Grand Palace by master chocolatier Joseph Draps and venturing the Parisienne lifestyle in 1958.  It was in 1972 that Godiva opened on Fifth Avenue, New York.  Until than, this luxurious Belgian indulgence could only be found at exclusive outlets.  Godiva owns and operates over 450 shops across Europe and Asia with more than 275 boutiques in North America.

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