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M. Demajo & Co. Ltd. has been importing Illy for the last 7 years, over which time the brand itself has expanded its portfolio producing various coffee presentations, including ground, bean, capsule and paper pod, as well as a range of various coffee machines. The X7 and Y1 coffee machines for example, are an important part of today's trend in coffee making and are available in various colours. Illy crema is the company's latest offering. It is a distinctive iced coffee presented in a unique way, making it a perfect way of enjoying Illy's distinctive taste even during the warm summer months.



Established in 1933 by Francesco Illy, the company produces and markets world-wide a single, leading-quality blend of espresso coffee, made using nine types of pure Arabica. From the balance of these ingredients from South and Central America, India and Africa arises the unmistakable flavour and aroma of illy coffee, always constant in every cup and in any part of the world.

The illy blend is destined for HoReCa channels (hotels, restaurants, cafés), for consumption at home and at the office; it is available in tins, pods or capsules, according to the channel. Currently, the blend is sold in 150 countries in all five continents and is served in over 50,000 public restaurants and bars. In 2007, exports accounted for 52% of total sales.

With the aim of assuring a total and excellent experience with the cup of coffee, illy has perfected a series of elements and instruments that contribute to a perfect taste: from systems for preparing coffee and coffee machines to coffee bars – via the Espressamente illy chain of Italian style coffee bars in licensing – to training of baristas and specialized personnel at the University of coffee. illycaffè is based in Trieste and managed by the third generation of the Illy family with Andrea as chairman and CEO.

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