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Mitaca is a company that designs, produces and distributes hot drinks and espresso coffee capsule systems for small offices and large companies. In Malta , Mitaca has been represented by M. Demajo & Co. Ltd. for the past few years , largely in view of its close collaboration with Illy worldwide. Mitaca machines have already proved popular solutions for office and household use in Malta largely in view of their price / quality ratio.



Illycaffé s.p.a. together with Mitaca was founded in Arluno, near Milan, Italy, and was set up to cater for the rapidly growing market for coffee services in office, business and institution environments. Dedicated to new concepts in office coffee services, espresso machine design and manufacture, and capsuled coffee production, together with their development and distribution, the company surged ahead with innovative solutions and has become a recognized world leader in this specialized field.

The product range includes L-Espresso System (closed system), Illy Capsules, Mitaca Capsules and L-Espresso System Capsules (hot beverage).

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