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Ludwig Weinrich Schokolade is an organic certified company and is also one of the very few remaining manufacturers of filled chocolates. A highly elaborate skill is needed to produce such chocolate bars which are branded by the name ‘WEINRICH’ and come in a variety of truffle filled flavours – Cognac, Marc de Champagne, Orange Liqueur, Rum, Whisky…



Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG boosts over a century of experience in Confectionery products since 1895 when the Herford Biscuit and Cakes Factory was founded. The company’s buildings was bought by the German railroad authorities and the company built their new factory where it still stands today. Surviving World War 1, the Weinrich family became the sole owners of the company, launching the chocolate production and stating company name Ludwig Weinrich Chocolate and Biscuit Factory. Investing in high end machinery made it possible to keep ahead with times. The company today is in its 4th Generation run in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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