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A careful selection of raw materials and cutting-edge production technology. Artisanal methods, continuous research and innovation to create candy of the highest quality.

About Fida

For more than 40 years Fida has combined all of this to guarantee its customers unique and distinctive products. Discover our history. Discover Fida. Fida, a 100% Italian company located in Castagnole delle Lanze in the heart of Piedmont, was founded in 1973, inspired by making soft fruit-flavored jellies with an artisanal processing method, from which the famous Bonelle are born. Over time, the company has become a market leader in jellies and sweets, becoming well-known with the company’s flagship brand Bonelle, a veritable patrimony of sweetness and experience. Their passion for sweetness has meant that the company has continued its process of innovation and development thanks to the acquisition of the brands Gocce and Tenerezza and the first candy sticks Charms and Sanagola in addition to the Gnammy and Le irresistibili brands. In 2016, Fida bought the Rossana candy from Nestlè Italia and immediately re-launched the Perugian brand. Fida sweets over the years have won over an increasing number of consumers, thanks to the high quality achieved through the careful combination of tradition and innovation. “Check out our gallery of historical images”

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