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Proving that you don’t have to be big to stand out. It looks different. And with every bite, you discover the nice surprise of its unique taste and delicious crunchiness. There’s a lot to say about this little biscuit. And even more to enjoy!

About Lotus

Lotus Original Caramelised Biscuit is the perfect, high quality biscuit produced by Lotus Bakeries. The Lotus branded Caramelized biscuit, an original specialty of Belgium, is unique in taste. This is owed entirely to the caramelization of sugar while baking using all natural ingredients and thus, taking this biscuit to be one of the top selling products onto the biscuit sector. This biscuit is being offered in packets of 50 pieces individually wrapped for that extra freshness and in snack pack format very popular around offices. The Lotus Original Caramelised Biscuit is also available in 250g packets to be enjoyed at home.

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